boy, it’s been a while…

Ok, first – the yarn crawl!

I met up with the Portland gals at Union Station and had a great time talking stitches with them for a short while before the Seattle group showed up. What a fun bunch! I met Charisa, who I’d been chatting with on Ravelry for a while. She’d done a really cool version of my Transitions Gloves. Unfortunately, me being my unphotogenic self, I’ve got my mouth open in all the pics! I’ll spare you that. 😉

So cool to meet everyone, it was kind of overwhelming! Since I knew the area really well, and my yarn budget was rather dismal, I decided to play tour guide, and helped the Seattle folks get around. It was fun, I traveled with different folks between all the shops – it was really great to chat with all of them. I did buy a little at Dublin Bay, where I’d not been before:New goodies!Yessir, yessir

The fiber will need to be saved until I know a little more about preparing wool (woo! two pounds of it, though), and the laceweight shetland and fingering alpaca will be for the glove patterns i’m writing.

After that we wandered on to Knit Knot, which was so small and crowded I ended up hanging out outside with some of the other Portland ladies. We can always go back 😉

Then we moseyed on to Knit Purl. I was a bit hesitant to go in, for reasons I don’t care to mention here, but all was well, and I even ended up with a request for a new pattern.


I’m working on it… can’t post too many pictures until it’s published, which kinda sucks. I’ve got one fun swatch done, and I’m going to be doing another, to get it just right.

Anyhoo, after that I broke off from the group and went over to Powell’s for a cup of coffee and a break. I headed home only to find that I was taking the same train home as the Portland gals! How random and cool. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be joining them at the Wednesday knit night this week, too!


So, I finally have Amanda’s gloves done:

Amanda's Gloves - on

I think they look great, i just hope they fit her! They don’t fit me, for sure – my hands are much bigger, but I could squeeze one on for the photo.

The V-man’s gloves….. another story entirely. I’d finished three fingers, and had him try them on – they were far too short! rar, I’d already woven in the ends on those. So, I’ll have to probably cut the tops off and keep going from there. Bummer! I put it on the back burner for now, but I’ll get back to it once I’ve got the new pattern off to Shibui.

His socks are coming along ok, though:

Charcoal Socks - toes

Boring, but good.


So on Sunday we decided to head over to Ikea, since the whole two-people, one-chair living room situation was a pain. He bought himself a new chair, and I got some new shelves!

Living room - sunshiny!

I know it’s a bad idea to be spending this kind of money when I’m unemployed, but I really need the organization. Writing so many patterns at once, and having far more yarn and supplies than the poor bookshelf can handle is too much. So I bit the bullet and just got it. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do really like it. I’m just now even further into debt than I’d like to be!

That same day I also finished what I’d been spinning:

Crappy green yarn!

The colors are so pretty, but my spinning sucks, so it’s all unevenly plied and stuff. the singles were the most even, by far, in terms of thickness and twist. So, that’s good, but I still suck! I can’t quite get the plying thing down yet, I guess. I’m working on it.


SO, yesterday was Twisted’s inventory party! A bunch of us were invited to come and help them do their inventory, and I jumped at the chance. Got there at noon, and started counting! It was a lot of fun, and we got lots of snacks and refreshments during the day. I also found out that Hot Lips Pizza makes vegan pizza, much to my delight 🙂 Since I’m not actually vegan, we had them put pepperoni on it, lol. Way better than a regular cheeseless pizza! It was really, really yummy.


The process was fun and quick, and we got goody bags! We were each allowed to choose one bag of freebies to take home. I got this:

Grab bag goodies!

That’ll be a pair for me, and a pair for V-man. Woo!

They also are now carrying Blue Moon STR, and since we were there before it officially went up for sale in the store, we got first dibs. I got some Puck’s Mischief and Covelite, two of my faves, and some awesome neon goodness from stitchjones:

new sock yarn!

So awesome. I can’t wait to use them! But I’ll have to wait, considering I have about a gazillion other things to knit right now.

Speaking of that, I’ve made no progress on the afghan. Oh well. I will at some point! Right now my hands hurt from crouching and crawling around on the floor all day yesterday, so holding the blanket actually hurts. I’ll stick to smaller things for a time.

Well, it’s an absolutely gorgeous day out. I’m going to go and play.

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  1. Sounds like the yarn crawl was a lot of fun! Wish I could have gone, but I was at a hula workshop all day (4 hours was a lot of dancing!) I’ve bought some fun stuff at Dublin Bay (including pumpkin orange mohair yarn that was on sale) 🙂
    And those shelves look great! Want to come organize my living room now? 😉

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